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Read comments below about the results from cultivators who replaced their current nutrient with MaiaGrow.

We started out slowly and then realized that [MaiaGrow] appeared to be crushing the competition. We see significant differences in flower size and density, favoring MaiaGrow over the leading competitor There was an increase in yield of 25% and average increase in potency of 13%.

Lucas Sirois

Lucas SiroisLucas Sirois - Narrow Gauge Botanicals, Maine

I tested your MaiaGrow nutrients when I flipped into flower and my plants have never looked better. I’ve never seen over 19% total CBD with a specific plant and my lab test results came back at 24.2% and 25.1%. I’m excited to see the results when I use the whole line!


RobertRobert - Urban Farmacy, Oregon

I am testing MaiaGrow for a tier-3 Washington producer. I have used many lines of nutrients including Cutting Edge Solutions, General Hydroponics and Max Sea. MaiaGrow nutrients are the best I have used. Thank you so much for creating such an awesome nutrient line!

Derek W.

Derek W.Derek W. - Tier-3, Washington

I have strains that I love to cultivate for yield, and I have strains that I love to cultivate for potency or flavor. Who doesn’t? I’ve grown some of these strains for four or five years and have gotten to know them well. I was using a two-part organic nutrient, Bio Bizz, that I was very happy with until I tried MaiaGrow. I noticed great results on my first harvest ⎯ side-by-side I found about 25% yield difference and a noticeable increase in potency and flavor across the board, on all my favorite strains. My plants are happier, and I save time on my daily regimen and spend less on nutrients too. Never going back. Thanks, MaiaGrow!


TonyTony - Medical Grower, Oregon

This is the easiest, stress-free feeding regimen and my plants are so lush and healthy. I love not having to use all the other additives and MaiaGrow drastically cut down my nutrient costs.

Brendan B.

Brendan B.Brendan B. - Medical Grower, Oregon

Use MaiaGrow, an industrial fertilizer that is designed to support plant performance and help plants reach true genetic potential. Are you a MaiaGrow customer and have a testimonial to add or want to place an order? Click here and fill out our Contact Us form, one of our representatives will follow-up asap.