Maia Grow Premium Select Nutrients
Maia Grow Premium Select Nutrients
consist of a two-part base nutrients for vegetative stage,
and two-part base nutrients for flowering stage, including flower booster.
Micro Carb Premium Sweetener
Maia Grow Micro Carb Premium Sweetener and bio-stimulator
is a unique new product that provides plant based proteins,
organic free-amino acids, carbohydrates, humic and fulvic acids
along with seaweed extract, which stimulate plant,
reduce plant stress, increase bio-mass.
Recommended to be used with
Phosphate Solubilizing products for optimal performance.
Maia Grow Premium Hemp Fertilizer
Maia Grow Dry Soluble Fertilizers are designed for
commercial hemp production.This Hemp specific fertilizer
is designed for fiber, grain, and flower production.
This concentrate provides premium ingredients so
that plants can reach their full genetic potential.
Increase bio-mass per acre.