Feed Chart

Usage Guidelines

MaiaGrow comes ready-to-use in an easy, two-part solution. Most nutrients on the market require multiple additives, but that’s not necessary with MaiaGrow, a plant-specific blend with all the necessary nutrients in a single formula. MaiaGrow is intended for indoor and outdoor use and is compatible with all cultivation techniques and mediums. Its formula comprises a blend of OMRI* certified and mineral-based ingredients.

  • For best results, use reverse osmosis filtered water. Stir product well before using.
  • Add Part A to filtered water and mix well, then add equal amount of Part B. Mix well.
  • Adjust your pH level to 5.5 – 6.5 range for nutrient uptake.
  • Product measurements on these feed charts are approximate only. Adjust amount of product and pH as needed to obtain target ppm.
  • MaiaGrow has low EC levels and high-quality, OMRI-certified, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Because of product quality and purity, feed at levels as high as 2600 ppm.
  • Click here to download the entire feeding chart to print or save.

WARNING. For Soil Media Applications: For soil amended with fertilizers, allow 3-5 weeks before feeding full regimen of nutrients. These soils already contain a nutrient charge. Always test runoff (10-25%) to avoid overfeeding 1/3 to 1/2 – strength until EC drops.

Please click here to download the entire feeding chart for MaiaGrow.

Approximate measurements only; see directions on bottle for full instructions.

Amounts in mL per gallon: 1 teaspoon=5 mL; 1 tablespoon=15 mL; 1 ounce=30 mL; 1/2 – 1 gm = 1/4 – 1/2 tsp; 3/4 gm = 1/4 tsp

Use MaiaGrow, an industrial fertilizer that is designed to support plant performance and help plants reach true genetic potential.