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MaiaGrow premium select nutrient is uniquely designed by a biochemist and horticulturalist to help plants reach true genetic potential. Maia Grow comes ready-to-use in an easy, two-part solution. Most nutrients on the market require multiple additives, but that’s not necessary with Maia Grow, a plant-specific blend with all the necessary nutrients in a single formula.

Laboratory results have proven that Maia Grow increases both potency and yield over the leading industry nutrients. Maia Grow has been tested on a collection of over 100 hundred different plants and in a recent case study, Maia Grow out-performed the competition with:

  • average 13% Higher Strength
  • average 25% Greater Yield

MaiaGrow is intended for indoor and outdoor use and is compatible with all cultivation techniques and mediums. Use just one part or the entire Maia Grow nutrient line of products – Grow Parts A & B for the vegetative stage, Flower Parts A & B for the flowering stage, and Hardener – to ensure the best overall increase in yield and average potency. Each mixture is available in several different sizes – click here to order today.

The health of a plant is important to both the quality and quantity of an overall harvest – cultivators look to increase the potency and yield of their production. Maia Grow is a plant-specific nutrient that uniquely combines all the necessary ingredients into a single formula and distinctly address the genetic makeup of the plant. Maia Grow is blended to maintain proper interaction and salt ratios, preventing stress and promoting plant cell rejuvenation. We source only premium ingredients from Utah Humates to Scandinavian volcanic deposits Maia Grow boasts the premium selected raw materials because we care about bringing a high quality product, and that is what sets us apart from other nutrient systems.

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